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Haematology, Histology, Veterinary, Cytology, Immunology, Pathology, EQA

Advanced clinical microscope utilizing unique white LED illumination system for superior brightfield microscopy.

Neurobiology, Regenerative Studies, Pathology, EQA

Highly versatile upright microscope combining system expandability and superior optical performance in an easy-to-use system.

Neurobiology, Regenerative Studies, Pathology

Nikon's all-new upright microscope system offering superior optical performance, multi-mode expandability, and advanced motorization capabilities.

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Using the latest technology in optical design the 3032 Inverted Microscope Series incorporates the AIS Infinity Optical System to provide best in class, high resolution, high contrast images in brightfield, phase contrast and fluorescence. Designed for the study of tissue cultures, live cells and IVF (in-vitro fertilization) in laboratories, universities and research institutions, the 3032 Series is a modular, compact and durable solution for today's modern laboratory. - 

Marine Biology, Molecular Pathology, Electro Physiology, Cell Culture and Maintenance, Neurobiology,Regenerative Studies, Veterinary, Cell Culture, Embryology/IVF

Innovative and efficient routine microscope with exceptional optical quality and robust, rigid vibration resistant design.

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10:1 Parallel Zoom Body

Breakthrough new stereomicroscope optics deliver the world's highest zoom ratio of 25:1, higher resolution and brighter fluorescence images.

8:1 Parallel Zoom Body

All-new zoom stereomicroscope featuring an 18:1 zoom ratio, advanced optical performance and incredibly bright fluorescence at an affordable price

6.3:1 Parallel Zoom Body

All-new stereomicroscope featuring best-in-class zoom ratio, enhanced optics, and intelligent image acquisition features.

  • 0.6x – 5.0x zoom magnification range

New zoom stereomicroscope offering an impressive 12.7:1 zoom ratio, higher resolution optics, and improved ergonomics.

8x – 50x magnification range

Affordable model with 6.3:1 zoom ratio, streamlined operation and basic performance.

Gross Observations, Regenerative Studies, Embryology/IVF, Environmental Science

Stereoscopic microscope ideally suited for observation and digital imaging. Features one of the highest zoom magnifications in its class.

Gross Observations

Compact, lightweight and cost effective stereomicroscopes featuring all-new Porro prism optics.

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The ACCU-SCOPE® 3000-LED Microscope Series delivers outstanding optical performance, value and resolution to meet the exacting standards of life science professionals and students.

EQA, Pathology, Cytology, Observation of Prepared Slide, Veterinary

A laboratory and educational microscope with a combination of optics and ergonomics.

Veterinary, Observation of Prepared Slide

Small-footprint microscope delivering superb optics and ergonomics. Ideal for education and routine tasks.

Biophysics, Environmental Science

A cost-efficient polarizing microscope incorporating industry-acclaimed CFI60 optics.

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Industrial Metallurgical Microscope

Designed for production lines, material science applications, metal manufacturing, metallurgy, and a variety of other samples. The advanced Semi-Apochromatic M Infinity Plan Optics, ergonomic design, and digital capabilities make the EXAMET-4 Series an outstanding and cost effective choice for today’s modern metallurgist. The EXAMET-4 Series is available with either reflected illumination or with reflected and transmitted illumination.

A new industrial inverted microscope designed especially for episcopic illumination applications.  A high quality and cost effective solution.

A portable metallurgical-materials microscope for non-destructive or destructive microstructural analysis, measuring and photography of inaccessible or large objects that cannot be placed on the stage of an ordinary microscope.

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